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Shabbat in Tel Aviv

What’s happening in Tel Aviv this Shabbat?

Firstly, here is a listing of shuls in Tel Aviv you should check out. Look through the list  to check which shuls you are interested in.

Secondly make sure to join the My Shteiblech TEL AVIV group so you can post what’s happening in Tel Aviv.

Some things on this Shabbat in Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv International Synagogue: Posts what’s happening on this group before Shabbat.

Kehilat Bugrachov – Fri night supper.

Yakar Tel Aviv : Join their FB page to receive updates with what’s happening there.

NEXT Shabbat: Shabbat on the Tel Aviv Port.

Check the ‘Torah Talk’ section of the Israelk website for Divrei Torah for the Shabbat Table.

Shabbat Shalom Tel Aviv!


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