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Listing of Shuls/ Communities in TLV

Often when Olim move to Tel Aviv they are lost. Here is a listing I put together of the most popular shuls and communities in Tel Aviv.

As far as I’m aware, this info is correct.

These Synagogues and communities function throughout the year and have special activities over the Festivals.

1) Yakar Tel Aviv:

You can find out what’s going on on their Facebook Page

Address: 6 Yericho Street, Tel Aviv

Modern Orthodox, mix of Israeli and Anglo’s. Excellent classes and programs throughout the year.

2) The TAIS (Tel Aviv International Synagogue):

You can find out what’s going on on their Facebook Page

Address: 23 Frishman Street, Tel Aviv

Well run programs throughout the year run by Rabbi Ariel Ariel Konstantyn from the US. The leading community for young English speakers in the Tel Aviv area.

3) 126 Ben Yehudah:

You can find out what’s going on on their Facebook Page

Also, use their website.

Address: 126 Ben Yehudah Street, Tel Aviv

North Central Synagogue Jewish Community Center of Tel Aviv.

Modern Orthodox. Young Olim and Israelis. A very popular place for young people to hang out and meet new people.

4) Ichud Olam:

Address: 2 Smolenskin Street,  corner of Ben Yehudah, Tel Aviv

Well established and popular services and programs for Israelis and Olim.

5) Tel Aviv Minyan Shivyoni (Egalitarian Service):

Young Olim and Israelis. More liberal and free thinking environment.

Check out their Facebook Page

Address: 88 Bugroshov Street, Tel Aviv

Kehilat Sinai.

6) Yachad Tel Aviv Zeitlin Street:

Open to all: Orthodox, Liberal and non-affiliated

Check out their Facebook Page

7) Chabad Center of Tel Aviv:

Chabad Centers in Tel Aviv always have interesting people, events, classes and praying.

Address: 16 Baalei Melacha Street, Tel Aviv

8) The White City Community:

A well run community that arranges events and meals throughout the year, including the High Holidays.

Scroll through their Facebook Page

9) The Goren Shul:

Address: 20 Modigliani Street, Tel Aviv

Modern Orthodox, mainly Israelis. Nice mix of tradition and modernity.

Join their Facebook Page to find out what’s going on.

10) Rosh Yehudi:

Address: 54 Bar Kochba Street, Tel Aviv

Mainly younger Israelis and Olim. Fun and exploring type atmosphere.

Join their Facebook Page

There is plenty going on in Tel Aviv too!


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